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18.05.2024 18:00
The beautiful time of whitsuntide
Nagyecsed, Református templom
Festival concert

The Bogya-Kis married couple dazzle the public with their musical talent in the Nagyecsed Calvinist church. The organ-play of Áron Bogya-Kis and voice of Annamária Bogya-Kis provide a splendid experience on the Night of the Organs.


Áron Bogya-Kis - organ
Annamária Bogya-Kis - sing


From the antiphon Veni Sancte Spiritus by M. Luther, 1524, melody: Cluj, 1744: Holy Spirit Lord God is coming - No. 541 praise
text: P. Gerhardt, 1653 tune: Lyon, 1557 (Wait, heart of man): Heavenly flame of the Holy Spirit - No. 827 praise 3:12
text: F. Crosby, 1876 tune: G.C. Stebbins, 1883: Come to the water of life - No. 751 praise
text: Kádár F. tune: The Gospel Train, 1872: Let the song ring out to the Lord - No. 803. praise
text and melody: Füle L.: Lord, make me a blessing - No. 845. praise
text and melody: Ecsedy A.: The Holy Spirit is coming - No. 730 praise
text: D. Iverson, 1926 tune: Iverson: Come, living soul of God - No. 826 praise