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08.12.2021 19:00
Misi Boros Piano Concert
Békéscsaba, Csabagyöngye Kulturális Központ
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The grand master of keeping quiet

… and for whom there was no uneasy silence. Hiller once said to him the followings: “it is really nice to have you around, we can once again keep quiet”. None the less, David Félicieh could have coped with him, as he didn’t believe in saying too much either. Their encounter was really uplifting according to the anecdote of a good friend: “After a while I felt hot and started feeling uncomfortable, and when Schumann whispered to me: “David doesn’t talk much”, I replied: Not indeed”. To which he replied: “I rather like that.”

In spite of being the most brilliant lyrical of his age he didn’t have the ability to talk, yet he blissfully enjoyed the magical sounds of the inner world that he created for himself.


Misi Boros - piano


Beethoven: Sonata Waldstein' Op.53
Schumann: Carnaval op. 9.
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