“I don’t regret having come so far away”

Why did you apply for this course?

Because I have some pianist friends who attended the master courses of last year and they had a great time, so they recommended me to apply.

And how did you like it here?

It was great. I graduated from university last year and I haven’t been to any classes since, so it was interesting to become a student once again. I enjoyed the concerts a lot, I was satisfied with the organisation, my companions and with professor Gergely Ittzés. I don’t regret having come so far away.

How did the course help your development?

I have been focusing on two different perspectives. On the one hand, I was a student trying to develop myself as a flutist, and on the other hand I was paying attention to the course as a future teacher. I have met many flutists coming from high school and I was observing what the professor said about the way they played and the teaching instructions he gave them. As a student I learned how to get rid of a lot of tension that prevents us from developing. I have also realised during the course how much movement is connected to time and music. Contemporary music broadened my knowledge and it opened up new perspectives on how to perform contemporary music, and I have also learned new methods and tricks about playing the flute.

What kind of experience was working together with the other students, did you also learn from one another? Did you cooperate as a team during the master course?

There has actually been no team work, since we did not play together, but the professor has given a short lecture on how to breathe properly and we practised that together. Sometimes we did cooperate, and I also think that when we listened to each other playing we could also learn a lot.

If your friends ask you about the Bartók Seminar and Festival what will you tell them?

The inspiring atmosphere and people, and what I really liked was that we had the chance to attend several courses. I enjoyed the opportunity of attending the conducting course, because I could see how other professors work. As I live in a different part of the country I have never been here, so this pleasant environment has also been a new experience for me.

Have you attended other courses earlier on?

Yes. Last year I attended a summer course in Debrecen, and also the Crescendo Summer Academy in Tokaj and Sárospatak, so this year I decided to try something different.

In comparison with other summer courses in what ways has the Bartók Seminar been different? Has it offered a different study experience?

The main difference is that this is a smaller course. If I am correct, there have been four different courses. At other places there is a course in all the major instruments, so there are more people and on the whole it is a lot more crowded. Compared to other places, this has been more like a family environment, with fewer professors and students, as a result the learning process has been more intensive.

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