“Our masters are real Bartók specialists!” – Interview with a conducting student

Why did you apply for this course?

I think this is the best known summer course in Hungary from the point of master courses, and it also provides an excellent opportunity of working with a good orchestra, of meeting with and learning from great musicians. The seminar also provides a chance to enlarge and improve our Bartók repertory since we are learning from masters who are Bartók specialists.

How did you feel yourself at the course?

I really enjoyed it. Excellent organisation. I liked the idea of having piano instruction at the beginning that was followed by spending several days with the orchestra. This gave us enough time for a lot of in-depth study. These compositions are really difficult, but thanks to the good organisation we had enough time to master them.

What did you learn here? What skills did you develop the most?

The first days we spent with technical issues; position, special beats, different schools of conducting, and later on when the orchestra joined in we studied the most problematic parts of the score. The great advantage of learning with Zsolt Hamar was that we practiced difficult parts for which the conductor is essential, and he motivated everyone until we did their best.

If your friends ask you about the Bartók Seminar and Festival what will you tell them?

It is really worth coming here. Everybody should learn Bartók’s music, and the best place to do that is in Hungary.

You also listen to and look at each other. How do you work together as a team at a master course like this? Do you also learn from each other?

This is an interesting question, in my experience conductors do not get as close to the musicians as members of the orchestra do. In spite of this there is no animosity, on the contrary, friendships are formed, and since we all come from different places and represent different styles we also learn from each other. This is a good lesson for everyone.

And what is your experience with the orchestra?

Surprisingly good. Zsolt Hamar is familiar with them and for all the musicians the seminar provides an intensive opportunity to study Bartók’s music. You can tell that the orchestra has worked together with several great masters consequently they don’t need a lot of explanation, they can easily understand even the smallest gesture.

Did you also apply to other courses?

Yes, I have attended several conducting master courses, among other places in Rumania and Hungary.

To what extent has the Bartók Seminar been different compared to the other courses that you have attended?

It has been a great advantage that we have also used the piano, we have mainly focused on the difficult parts, and our professor practised with everyone individually, and this has been a unique experience compared to other courses.

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