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03. Oct. - 16. Dec 2017
Maestro Solti International Conducting Competition
Budapest, Pécs
Shoji Haraguchi

Shoji Haraguchi started his conducting career as assistant fellow of Kioi Hall Chamber Orchestra

Tokyo while studying under prof. Tatsuya Shimono at Ueno Gakuen, Tokyo, in 2012. At the same year,

Mr. Haraguchi won the First Prize of Danube international conducting competition, Budapest

He began to study Orchestral Conducting at Liszt Academy of Music under prof. Medveczky from 2013. Shoji had acquired master degree in 2016. His diploma concert has done with Hungarian Radio Orchestra at Grand hall of Liszt Academy of Music. At the 32th Bartok Festival, Shoji was gave the prize, 1st favorite conductor by the Savaria Symphony Orchestra and prof. Zsolt Hamar.

His debut as conductor in Hungary was 60th anniversary concert of revolution 1956 with MÁV Symphony Orchestra in 2016. Mr. Haraguchi has joined Peter Eötvös contemporary music foundation for three years

from 2015. Shoji conducted Schönberg Pierrot lunaire, Bartók 2nd Violin Concerto and Rihm Verfandrung 2 with Danubia Orchestra Óbuda at Budapest Music Center.

He has studied trumpet, piano and singing at Liszt Academy of Music, Ueno Gakuen, and Bunkyo University.

Shoji would like to work in Hungary as a Japanese conductor who can deeply understand the works by Hungarian composers, especially Kodály and Bartók, and to introduce Japanese works to the Hungarian audience.

Mr. Haraguchi has respect with Hungarian conductor, Ferenc Fricsay and Slovenian conductor Anton Nanut. His dream is to establish the Fricsay Orchestra and Academy.