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03. Oct. - 16. Dec 2017
Maestro Solti International Conducting Competition
Budapest, Pécs
Báthori Lóránt

Lóránt Báthori graduated from the Bartók Béla Music Institute of the University of Miskolc as percussionist and chamber musician and teacher. He won 3. prize and special prizes at various national soloist competitions. As a teacher, he helps his students to take part at a number of national and international competitons with a great success, winning 1. prizes several times. Under the guidence of János Sereg, Báthori graduated with honor in wind orchestra conducting. He attended more master courses of Yuri Simonov and founded the Sympony Orchestra. He continued his studies at the Conducting Department of Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music as a student of András Ligeti and Tamás Gál.

Recently, Lóránt Báthori works as a freelance conductor, contributing to a series of theatre productions. As the guest conductor of the Danubia Orchestra Óbuda and the Miskolc Symphony Orchestra, he is committed to preserve the treasures of Hungarian musical tradition.